All That I Can Say

( Painting:Jason Mecier )

This song was heavy on my mind today. Hope y’all are digging the vibe.


Mother May I Sleep With Danger

This performance threw me for a loop! I will honestly say that this is not the voice that I expected. Joy Crookes has such a sultry sexy sound, and to be only 17, she is just getting started. Her social media is also quite adorable. Displaying many dope fashions, Joy Crookes has potential to truly take over the industry. Keep up  with his artist. I am expecting big things.


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I get overwhelmingly excited when an artist puts out music. From the execution of the vocals all the way down to the instrumental; when the music is done in a way that delivers the artist’s message…it is beautiful.

This EP “Winter Songs” reignited in me that excitement for music. The way the musicians sound to effortlessly accompany the warm and welcoming tones of Cleo Sol, guide the ear through the four song masterpiece. Transparently revealing herself to her audience with the intro “Why Don’t You”, which she performed on COLORS.

The other standout song on this EP is “Try and You Try”. Cleo Sol gives many early Amel Larrieux meets Lianne La Havas vibes on this track. Airy background vocals underlying a strong yet gentile lead. I will note the healer aspect of this album. With winter being such a hard month for those who struggle with mental health, this is that perfect “What have I learned?” EP to pull you back. Cleo Sol gives many gems if you listen closely to her lyrics that are also, OUTSTANDING!

I am truly geeked behind this artist if you all cannot tell. Four songs were just not enough, WE NEED MORE! Follow the artist and check out some of the songs from “Winter Songs” by Cleo Sol below!


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Women In Power

So, for a class we had to watch a film discussing sexuality in music videos and how those images shape how we have developed our ideologies of what men and women should be. The overall theme of the film was that sexual images have plagued the music video industry. Portraying women as sexual objects and only telling the “story” from the males sexual fantasies. That women are portrayed as the aggressor in many of the videos and are sex-crazed. Willing to do anything for the attention of the one man that is amongst plenty of women. Then, when he no longer is around…she is hopeless. Torn apart. Absolutely distraught as she lingers around in her bedroom weeping another sad love song. That these images have shaped how women expected to be in day-today life. That men, usually being the sought after, surrounded by lust-filled women, helpless in rejecting her efforts are how men are subject to be. While I agreed to an extent…I couldn’t help but think of all the videos that opposed this idea. As I watched I immediately wanted to challenge this. I do agree the is a high number of videos, especially in rock and  rap videos, that exploit women, but we must take into consideration the number of videos that show off women sexually and give them power. We had to analyze one video, but too many came to mind. The ones I’ve chosen are:

Drawn by De La Soul: I chose this video because it gives strength in her weakness. This video plays into all of the cliches of a man leaving and her feeling hopeless. Then, they give in to the sexualization of her in her tank and underwear. Yet, the beauty in it is that she is working on herself through out the video. There is life in her sadness. The best part, you don’t know she is sad until the end. Even then, having her painting be of him, as he looks at it, with the eyes scratched out and says “You can lose the love of your life to a lifetime of love on tour I didn’t mean to be a whore but my hormones Had me like a fiend screamin’ “What you got for me?”” makes her almost immortal. Forever leaving him lost. Knowing that he was, in a way, at fault.



Partition by Beyonce: Beyonce did an interview after releasing the video set for her self-titled album , “Beyonce”. During the interview she is geeking at how she looked. Saying how she wanted to show off her body. That she was proud of the work she put into herself to look the way she does. So this video, “Partition”, is power in her sexuality. In her womanhood. Yes, she is living her best life. Showing off her body and doing her classic moves. Yet, knowing that this was her “I’m Back” you feel that confidence she had in herself. Showing that even though a woman can want to be the kind of girl he likes, she can still be that for herself and feel herself while wanting him.


Make Me Feel by Janelle Monae: This video was chosen because of Janelle Monae’s use of bisexuality. The video shows her pursuing and engaging in romantic relationships with a male and female in the same nightclub. They even have a “three-sum” on the dance floor. Showing that even women can have that fantasy of both sexes and can use it in an empowering way. Janelle Monae has a confidence that radiates through out the entire video. Giving that sexy swag to the Prince-like tune. Her being so comfortable in herself defies that women can’t be the one in control of their sexual relationships. Showing the story from the other side. #ShesGotToHaveIt



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I absolutely love this guy! His style is very refreshing. It is rare now-a-days when you Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 11.44.54 AM.pngfind an artist who has that classic sound. Meaning, they know how to command the mic and deliver their music in a way that is clear and you feel their passion through the execution. Panache Capone lets his personality shine through his music which is lit! He isn’t hard up, there is almost a goofy cockiness that comes off in his lyrics and flow. “Candy” got me off top because it has that old school vibe that I live for. Also, like I said up top, his delivery is so clear. I am very excited to see where this artist goes and wish     nothing but the best. You reppin the Bronx well !


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