Everything Is Love

Beyoncé has done it again. Well, this time with her husband and partner in crime, Jay-Z. The notorious duo recently released a 9 track album. With the announcement of their joint tour OTRII, many speculated that Beyoncé would follow the formation of her past tours and release an album just before taking off. The power-couple would change the game, as they always do, and released the album in the midst of touring under their new collaborative name “The Carters”. Releasing a surprise album surly snatched their fans attention, especially those who were awaiting the new heat from the Queen.

The album is the re-proclamation of the couple’s union. Shutting down all speculation, addressing rumors, giving insight, and even letting us in on their plans for their children. The album even features a shout out to Rumi and Sir, the couple’s new-born twins, from their oldest daughter Blue Ivy Carter. Rolling Stone said that “Everything is Love” “Splendidly celebrates their family dynasty”, and it does.

Between HOV professing his love for Queen B through Common’s lyrics and Beyoncé reminding us that she too can flow, this album is the Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 2.12.05 PM.pngmanifestation of their growth and evolution as lovers but also as artists. Their amazing chemistry is what drives the album, giving it life and making them human. Without spoiling the album for those who have yet to check it out, songs like “LoveHappy”, “Heard About Us”, and “713” are a few of the stand out tracks defining who and where they are with themselves and each other. The song “APES**T” has even begun to be compared to Jay-Z’s track “Niggas in Paris” with Kanye West as the new hype collab. “Everything is Love” is an auditory love story of resilience and gratitude. Give The Carters new album listen below and see their most recent music video for “APES**T”, shot in the Louvre, on YouTube.




The Chase

North Carolina artist, The Chase, has been up to quite a few things as of late. A man of many trades, The Chase, is an artist, writer, and even produces and engineers all of his original tracks. With his creativity in his hands, he recently released his song “Are You Down” on YouTube which is truly a banga!


“I enjoy it because it gives me more creative control over what I create… music has pretty much been there forever for me, so I like to make the type of music I’d like to hear”

Check out The Chase’s song “Are You Down” below and don’t forget to follow the artist!



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Yeah, I know, she’s still the background on your phone
And I know, I know, it takes time to get someone out your mind
You don’t give me any signs
And I told you all the passwords to mine
And I’ll admit I haven’t been completely faithful
It was way back, in April, and we didn’t have a label
Yeah I tried to play it cool, ’cause we were never really stable
It’s never ever able to figure out
Keep waiting for the right time
While you keep me on the side line
I’m sick of all this trying, trying, trying
While I watch you drift further away
It’s like I have you, but I don’t really have you
To flatter, to sender
What’s the point if you don’t know who?
When you play someone a finished song
It’s the caught up, and the demo
I love all of my new new songs
But I could still use more tempo
Now I hate when you’re with me
Ooh you got one head in
The other head is far away, still decidin’
Oh, and I keep tryin’, tryin’, ooh


The video says it all…


– Ko


You don’t know babe
When you hold me
And kiss me slowly
It’s the sweetest thing
And it don’t change
If I had it my way
You would know that you are
You’re the coffee that I need in the morning
You’re my sunshine in the rain when it’s pouring
Won’t you give yourself to me
Give it all, oh
I just wanna see
I just wanna see how beautiful you are
You know that I see it
I know you’re a star
Where you go I follow
No matter how far
If life is a movie
Oh you’re the best part, oh oh oh
You’re the best part, oh oh oh
Best part
It’s the sunrise
And those brown eyes yes
You’re the one that I desire
When we wake up
And then we make love
It makes me feel so nice
You’re my water when I’m stuck in the desert
You’re the Tylenol I take when my head hurts
You’re the sunshine on my life