Yeah, I know, she’s still the background on your phone
And I know, I know, it takes time to get someone out your mind
You don’t give me any signs
And I told you all the passwords to mine
And I’ll admit I haven’t been completely faithful
It was way back, in April, and we didn’t have a label
Yeah I tried to play it cool, ’cause we were never really stable
It’s never ever able to figure out
Keep waiting for the right time
While you keep me on the side line
I’m sick of all this trying, trying, trying
While I watch you drift further away
It’s like I have you, but I don’t really have you
To flatter, to sender
What’s the point if you don’t know who?
When you play someone a finished song
It’s the caught up, and the demo
I love all of my new new songs
But I could still use more tempo
Now I hate when you’re with me
Ooh you got one head in
The other head is far away, still decidin’
Oh, and I keep tryin’, tryin’, ooh

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