Not Alone

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 11.40.41 AM.png

Jake Hallendorff is a rising artist out of Chicago that just dropped his new single “Not Alone”. The song is one of many that can be found on SoundCloud or Spotify. With a dope beat from Lewis Cullen, “Not Alone” is a the perfect hustle song. You know, the “steady on the grind” type. Lyrically Jake Hallendorff can hold his own. Not afraid to tell his truth, Hallendorff pours his story into the song and gives you a sense of himself. Jake Hallendorff has a sound that is a mix of Future meets the Weeknd. A solid trap flow with soft simplistic vocals. I would recommend checking out his song ” 18 Years Old” produced by ThatKidGoran which is also on SoundCloud. Check out “Not Alone” below!




Follow The Artist:

Twitter – @JakeHalendorff




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