Look At Me

I’ve heard the song “Look At Me” by XXXTentacion plenty of times before, so when I was asked to watch the music video while I just happened to be in class, I muted it. At 0:52 the video is truly for the culture. Not in the pop pills and sweat kind of way, but XXXTentacion gives a history lesson. While the song does not match the video at all, It was a nice surprise to see the visual wokeness. I greatly appreciated the Emmett Till reference in the beginning of the video. Unknown.jpegFor those who do not know who Emmett Till is , he was a 14-year-old boy who was brutally beaten to death in Mississippi in 1955 for allegedly whistling at a white woman. Carolyn Donham , the woman who claimed he offended her, recently ( January 2017) admitted to a historian that her claims were false. Emmett Till’s mother , Mamie Elizabeth Till-Mobley, chose to have an open casket for her son to show America its true self. Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 9.42.37 AM.pngLessons like these can not be forgotten , especially because we are in a time where cases like Philando Castille happen all too often. Check out the video to “Look At Me” by XXXTentacion below and also read up on the Emmett Till and Philando Castile stories if you are not familiar. The first way to progress is education.




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