Kill Miami

You ever hear a song that you wish could go on forever because the vibe is just so dope it is almost a shame to have to listen to something else? This song, “Teardrops” by Kill Miami, IAMDDB, and Mugun, is that for me. There is something in the UK water that has all of their musicians be out of this world talented! Kill Miami is on that list of crazy good UK musicians. Anything with IAMDDB on the track, you already know it is going to be fire. Her edginess compliments any track she is on and with a sound as distinctive as hers, you’ll never have to question if it will be worth the listen.

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 7.14.37 PM.png The beat is simple but lit enough to make you want to get hype especially from 1:06 – 1:29 before the transition to Mugun’s verse. Kill Miami is an amazing producer. I got caught up in the other projects that are available on Sound Cloud and YouTube and proceeded to have a #Lituation. Especially with “Dark Days”. Check out Kill Miami’s collaboration with Mugun and IAMDDB below. Also check out the fire set from Kill Miami from Radar Radio that is also linked below!





Follow the Artist:

YouTube – @KillMiami 

Instagram – @KillMiami 

Facebook – @KillMiami 



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