Them Hoes BIG Mad

Baby we LIVE today, yall! Every true music fan has a top three of any genre. When I think of my top three Bounce artists I immediately go to Magnolia Shorty, Big Freedia, and Sissy Nobby (not necessarily in that order). Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 11.51.47 AM.png So you already know, when one comes out with a new jam, minus the leader of my list (R.I.P Ma), we are going to CUT UP! It is the only logical thing to do, right? Sissy Nobby released a music video for “Yo Nigga Wanna Fuk Me” and within the first 30 seconds of the video, you are bound to act a fool! Being cocky and confident, the video shows women not giving a care that “them hoes big mad”. Sissy Nobby never fails to drop a jam, and the best part is, the game of bounce music is always reminded that you can be lit, cocky, and confident, while still respecting women in the process. It is truly feel good music. Peep Sissy Nobby’s “Yo Nigga Wanna Fuk Me” video below.





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Twitter: @SissyNobby

Instagram: @SissyNobbyy


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