My whole neighborhood hit the Diddy Bop

This song has played every time I have entered my vehicle in the last 2 weeks. If it is not played, I do not feel complete. Dramatic? Maybe. But this song is FIRE! Nnoname-telefone-interview.jpgoname is one of the best female rappers I have ever heard. Her style is unique because she spits so many twists and turns like a female Timbaland. The first time I heard one of her songs was “Angles” with the extraordinary Mick Jenkins. Both of them are strong lyricists that, with each song, have their own style but switch things up. My favorite aspect of Noname’s style is that every word, no matter how fast it enters my ear, is clear. She annunciates and so that makes listening to her more enjoyable because you know exactly what she is saying. Did I mention that she is ADORABLE!? I peeped her NPR Tiny Desk, and other than the vibe, I couldn’t help but want to be her friend and borrow all of her clothes and hair products. Check out Noname’s “Diddy Bop”, “Angles”, and her Tiny Desk below.

( Photo from the FADER)



Follow The Artis:

Twitter: @Noname 

Instagram : @nonamehiding


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