Peep This: Tank And The Bangas NPR Tiny Desk Concert


“Peep This” is a new K-List segment where I will share with you all different concerts/performances that I like. Hope you all enjoy this as much as i do.


The first song “Boxes and Squares” is my absolute JAM right now. It is so fun and light and is just a great song to get you going. I love how the band never looks at each other but is so in sync with each other and the singers. I would like to point out how AMAZING those back ground vocals are! EVERY song she slays them. Honestly I don’t even want to call them backgrounds because of how strong and passionate they are, especially in “Rollercoasters”. She OWNS those O’s! Overall this is a DOPE concert. I love the song selection they chose as well. Each song different than the next with it’s own theme, yet they somehow all come together to make a sensational show! That is Tank And The Bangs Ya’ll!


Follow The Artist :

Tank And The Bangas

Twitter: @TankAndDaBangas

Instagram: @TankAndTheBangas 



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