Listen to this NAO

NAO, is a singer, song-writer, and producer from London. Something about those London musicians, it is like they know exactly how to get me caught up in their music. NAO has a sound that is different from many. By combining funk, soul, R&B, and electro-music she sets herself apart. NAO has even dubbed her unique sound as “Wonky Funk”. I was under the ‘Related Artist’ tab for Ravyn Lenae wScreen Shot 2017-04-12 at 7.16.43 PM.pnghen I found NAO. “Fool to Love” is the first song I heard and the “Wonky Funk” had me HOOKED! The hook itself if very catchy and I have such weakness for some good ol’ “oh oh oooooh”’s! I also am a recent fan of electronic music, so this was a very nice addition to my budding library. It is awesome to find such a dope artist, especially when it is a new genre to me, especially when they make it so easy to love the genre and want to explore it more. I was even skeptical about posting this artist because I wanted to keep her to myself. But, with as much talent that NAO has, you all were bound to find out about her anyway. Check out NAO on Spotify!



Follow The Artist:

SoundCloud : NAO

Twitter: @thisisNAO 

Instagram: @this_NAO


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