Normally I post the video at the bottom but this song speaks for itself. I love songs that jam hard , especially when I have a bit of eucalyptus and lemon going. This song is perfect for any session. With a heavy bass that drives the whole song, you can’t help but get caught up and start dancing to KAYTRANADA’s groove. GoldLink has such a raw sound that hypes the beat and makes the party in the video come alive. If you actually Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 2.23.23 PM.pngpeep his lyrics , GoldLink is laying down some knowledge for whoever this female is that has him shook. Full of desire, and even a bit of frustration, GoldLink lays out a plan of action for him and his shorty. Then, Jazmine Sullivan enters on the hook and truly takes the song to a new dimension with those sensual vocals. The whole song is a lit-uation and with every 808 , congo thump, and verse spit, it resonates in your body and you feel every aspect of a good time. The song ends , just like any off-the-chain party does, with the sounds of gunshots and flustered people. Breaking the meditation. When I tell you my obsession with this song is something so real. Click the video above or hear more GoldLink on Spotify.



Follow The Artist:

Twitter – @GoldLink

Instagram – @GoldLink  



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