The K-List Worldwide


The “Worldwide Underground ” album by Erykah Badu is one of the most influential albums to my music library. I grew up on the funky, soulful and smooth vocals of Badu , and was recently reminded of just how DOPE this album is. This album is where Erykah Badu comes into her own. Her sound is stronger. Her music is edgier. She embodies all of the eccentricity that is Badu. I love this album because it is one that can be listened to straight through. The production is amazing and each song flows right into the other making more of an experience as a whole. Not just bouncing song to song.

This post is the brief overview to the YouTube  commentary video that will be up THIS FRIDAY . So be on the look out !


Follow Erykah Badu :

Twitter – @FatBellyBella

Instagram – @ErykahBadu 



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