Ari Lennox

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 8.02.06 PM.pngI was not a fan before. I heard Ari Lennox about a year ago while I was nose deep in the ‘Related Artist’ tab on Spotify. I kind of zoomed passed her selection. It was not until I was told to listen to “PHO” that my whole opinion was totally rearranged. I am completely obsessed now! Ari Lennox now has theĀ position of being my body, hair, vocal, vibes, life goals! #GirlCrush . Her songĀ “Backseat”Ā featuring CozzĀ is really what did it. It is so groovy and you can’t help but get caught in the ” Would you hit it how I’d like? Would you hit it in the backseat of my ride?”. The whole album is very laid-back in tone and is very easy on the ears. Ari Lennox has a sound that is with the new wave of Leanne La Havas, Elle Varner, and Andra Day. Very powerful vocals over subtle beats that enhance the overallĀ vibe. Check out her album PHO on Spotify and Apple Music.


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Twitter: @AriLennox

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