RC & The Gritz : The Feel Album Release

This was truly a night to remember ! I walked in and already felt the crowds energy in response to live a performance of The Feel by RC & The Gritz. I’m not going to lie, the album is amazing and is even better in person.” Jelly Roll” has a New Orleans hype that takes over everyone , especially with the help of a live dancer accompanying the band. With vocals that hugged you and made you sway, each singer grabbed their mic and made the night theirs. Commanding the stage , they made it known that they were giving their all. I will say, “I’ll Be Waiting For You” was a true crowd pleaser. Everyone was singing along like they wrote the song themselves. Each member of the band held their own. Each tap of the drum, thump on they keyboard, every instrument was felt in the vibe. This was one of the best live experiences I’ve ever had. It was awesome to know they are all very down to. Each member of RC & The Gritz walked off stage and went straight to interacting with fans and friends. Even dancing to the music the DJ played between sets. Chris Dave & The Drumhedz followed them up and did not disappoint. If I could I would relive this over and over again & The Prohet Bar has such an awesome space it totally complimented the spirit of the evening. Don’t forget to check out RC & The Gritz’s new album The Feel on ITunes!


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