Month: October 2016

Vlog: A Seat At The Table

Written Review : F.U.B.U



Awkwardly walking into the library’s’ dungeon, the quiet floor, with F.U.B.U blasting from my $5 Dollar Tree headphones. As I get stern glares and lowered brows, I can’t help but want to look at each of my subtle shushers and sing out “Don’t be mad if you can’t sing along. Just be glad you got the whole wide world, This US” and proceeded to the nearest cubicle to set up shop. This is the exact attitude of pride and daringness with a hint of elegance that I have been feeding from since ‘A Seat at the Table” was released. Since the upbeat chime of “Rise” bursting through my speakers, I have been covered in the blessing that is this album. ‘A Seat at the Table’ is such a staple in Solange’s career that one can even strongly argue that it will go one to a classic that will forever signify this period in music. Each song spilling with the paScreen Shot 2016-10-04 at 3.10.35 PM.pngssion and uniqueness that music is. Solange, I was not expecting this while I anticipated the album’s release through months of cryptic yet enchanting Snap Stories. I am having a personal battle while listening to this album though. Each song makes me want to claim it as my favorite. “Weary”, giving off so many Amel Larrieux vibes (no title pun intended). Very gentile with an awesome drum line in that drives the song. I do love Solange’s playfulness with her backgrounds throughout the album. You can tell that she developed her sound while recording this. She stuck to her and who she has become and the sexy, mysterious, quirky Solange resonates all throughout the album. “Cranes in the Sky”, I have never connected to a song on such a spiritual level before. I feel like she sang my whole process of avoidance and acceptance. Not only is this song rocking, the visual for it is perfect. It is not at all what I expected. Check it out below. I love the atonal colors and the use of her surroundings. “Mad” has my boo Wayne on it so you know I got my whole life listening to this song. I love how she threw in “I’m not really allowed to be mad”. I took that as alluding to the elevator situation, and also the angry black woman stereotype that we really aren’t allowed to show our frustrations/angers. “Don’t You Wait” is probably the catchiest of all the songs. I’m sure this one will catch radio attention very soon. I can honestly say I like the whole album and have listened to it multiple times straight through. I think that is partially why it has taken me so long to sit down and write this review, because I enjoy it so much. ‘Don’t Touch My Hair” is when I began to get emotional while listening to the album. This is really the turning point where she begins to focus on social issues especially those pertaining to “US”. I love how she used her hair and the time it took to grown and embrace it as her own and equate that to the pride of being an African American. “They don’t understand what it means to me. Where we chose to go. Where we’ve been to know”. “Where Do We Go” and I hate to say it, but this song gives me such Beyoncé vibes. I do love the sample and how she gives me 70’s, in a field, wind in my fro, vibes. Back to “F.U.B.U”. “All my niggas in the whole wide world. Made this song to make it all yours turn. This us. This shit is for us.” Gets me so hype. Solange is so unapologetic in this song. Basically saying, “Y’all make us struggle and take everything from us but guess what? We got us. This is ours. “AND I LIVE FOR IT! I mean, when this song comes on I stand a little taller, roll my neck a little more, and my curls tighten up a little more. I am so glad Solange and her sister have taken their platforms and are using it to tell our stories. Our struggles. “Borderline” is where we have all been. Teeter-tottering between being alone or being with the one we love. Just needing that space to figure things out, who we are not who WE are. “Know when to let go”. ‘Junie” is so disco sassy and reminds me of her older songs like “Sandcastle” and “I Decided”. “Don’t Wish Me Well” is the only one on the album that falls short for me. Only because I hate the decline of albums, the en
Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 3.10.35 PM.pngding is always the slower songs so it is just harder for me to stay interested. Not saying this isn’t a great song, just, not the most interesting. “Scales” is almost like “Weary” sounds like. Ly
rically, I love this song. Just the story of a “wannabe” trying to fake it till he makes it. The “Closing: Chosen Ones” song is just a solidifying on the albums greatness. This is truly a work of art. Solange went above and beyond and created a CLASSIC. Her use of monologues from Ms. Tina Lawson, those of New Orleans’ rapper Master P, and Matthew Knowles. This album did exactly what Solange aimed to do, be “A highly honest, disruptive, angsty record with all of the nuances that I wanted to express.”