Fly on the Wall

I have had a love for Durand Bernarr since I watched his YouTube cover of Maxwell’s ‘Pretty Wings’. The way his vocals flipped and turned to make the most challenging of runs seemScreen Shot 2016-09-12 at 10.55.06 AM.png so effortless, Durand was destined to be Iconic. I think my favorite cover of his was when he was in the mall singing Big Maybelle’s ‘Candy”. Baby when I tell you I fell so deep! Not only is that one of my favorite songs, he took it, made it his own, and once again, THOSE R
UNS! I was a bit salty though because that was back when your girl wanted to be a singer and she had just put up a video of the SAME SONG. Let’s just say it was nicely take
n down after Durand claimed my edges with his cover (EL OH EL). It was amazing to see him go on to work with artists like Sam Sparro, Erykah Badu, and Lianne La Havas. All who are my absolute favorites and who have an appreciation of music as artists and not just people who sing. They all take risks with their talents yet stay true to who they are. Recently Durand released ‘Fly on the Wall’ which has an acapella version that will blow your mind. His vocals are out of this world!!! The song itself is vibing but as you all know I am a background junkie so to hear the musicianship is a high for me. ‘Fly on the Wall’ reminds me of an early Rahsaan Patterson sound. I’ve always said the two remind me of each other for the longest. Just because of the edge in their style and how they both are males who actually play with their very extensive ranges. Check out ‘Fly on the Wall’ on Spotify. Also, go check out some of his covers. He just made on of Beyonce’s ‘Sorry’.Make sure you take your wig off and lay down those edges because I promise they may be gone by the time you stop watching.






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