Rihanna Navy : VMAs 2016



Okay so this blog post will probably have so many errors so please don’t be too harsh. I will be blogging while running periscope, vlogging, and watching the VMAs. I absolutely hate award shows but the VMAs have always been a highlight for me. They are always original with some of
the best performances! I am so excited to see Rihanna, Kanye, and Beyoncé’s performances! I also know Brittney Spears will SLAY, hopefully. I do want to add in a side note, I appreciate you all being on this journey with me and let’s go because it’s starting!


Rihanna- This girl started the VMAs with ‘Please Don’t Stop the Music’, which is my absolute jam! She then goes into ‘Only Girl in the World ‘which was a classic. With a pink background, hair laid, RiRi slayed this medley of all of her hits that made us fall in love with her from the jump! Her vocals have totally matured and gotten stronger since her first debut on the scene in 2005. She even hit a few dance moves during her performance. You can totally tell her comfort and confidence is at an all time high! This performance proved that Rih is a talented singer AND an amazing entertainer.


Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj- Ariana has vocals for days, we know this, but this performance fell short for me. I felt it was reaching to have her singing on the exercise bike because after awhile she seemed a bit winded, until the end. Love the concept though but not for a performance. Nicki came out like the performer she is and slayed as always. It is as if she, Nicki, picks up a mic and everything from there is golden. Not one of my favorites for Ari but we know what she is capable of.


Alicia Keys- She didn’t have an official performance but baby sure did make one. At first I was confused but it ended up being a very beautiful unifying message.


Kanye West- This dude got on the stage and was bold af! Walking in on the line “I think me and Taylor might still have sex. I made that b**** famous”. He went in about fame and being famous and what it’s like to be one of them. He even went as far as to nod to Amber Rose and Ray J. All that to say, he presented his new music video, ‘Fade’ which stars a hard body Teyana Taylor! When I tell you I was not expecting this from Kanye. For the longest I have said he has lost his mind but this man knows and appreciates art. This video is ART! It shows the strength and elegance of the black woman while showing the beauty in black love. Kanye has truly outdone himself. I love that he used Teyana , Iman Shumpert, and their daughter in the video. Truly amazing!   The link right here.


Rihanna Again! – Rude boy was my ish! To this day it gets me so lit! This is probably my favorite performance of hers. It showed her personality, FUN! She seemed so relaxed and comfortable in her environment. Once again, vocals were all the way there and she looked FLAWLESS! I love how her performances are bringing us through the legacy that is Rihanna. Every song unlocking a time period of her reign. Loving it!


Nick Jonas- He is soooooo slept on because home boy kills these performances every year! That’s it.

Beyoncé – What is there even to say. BeyBey is always flawless. She can do no wrong. She came out with the poem from the intro of Lemonade- The Visual Album. I am so glad she sang ‘Pray You Catch Me’, it is one of my favorite songs off the album. The visuals to her performance, just like her concert, are out of this world! It was as if she was in a hell, because of the fire, and came out o the other side on this angelic cloud of life. Which is what she gave me, LIFE! DO YOU HEAR ME!? Ma slayed! After an amazing wardrobe change, she transitioned into ‘Hold Up’. Honestly, I think because I just saw her in concert, that particular song wasn’t the strongest. She gave life though when she hit the camera and dropped Hot Sauce. I am going to assume now that we are halfway in her performance that she is doing the Lemonade album for those who weren’t able to experience the rebirth of human kind that was the Formation Tour. “I AINT SORRY” just got me lit af! Singing, more like screaming, in my boyfriend’s face trying to find some type of composure enough to type this review up. Honestly she knew exactly what she was doing by going through the whole album. All this did was make me want to bump the album just as faithfully as I did when it came out. She knew exactly what she was doing and I fell for it like the loyal fan that I am.


Rihanna #3- YOUUUU NEEDED ME!!!!! But ummmm…… those vocals fell hella flat on those hmmm’s……. THEN she came back! Fierce and flawless with ‘Bitch Better Have My Money” so it was all good.


Rihanna Closing- She came out with those vocals lubricated and ready! Stay, Flawless. Diamond, Flawless. Love on the Brain, FLAWLESS! She was ready for this one. Even her falsetto was perfection. She graced in between those notes so effortlessly and showed her range. I am very impressed by Rihanna’s over all performance tonight. She proved to us just how slept on she was and that she is so much more than a blunt and a pretty face. Also, if you missed Drake being suave af walking out on the stage recalling their first meeting and his infatuation of her, you missed the biggest fan-girling moment of the year because I LOST IT!  We are the pieces to your puzzle and the puzzle is perfection. Thank you Rih!


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