The Get Down


Currently entranced by the new Netflix series “The Get Down”. This show is like a glamorized, lengthy, disco meets hip hop filled music video. Focusing on the 70s, this show shows a time when hip hop was still underground but creeping out of disco’s foundation. This show will make you want to bust out all those hidden gems you’ve been hording. So without trying to ruin the show for you, I am going to give you all a quick overview to peak your interest.

Ezekiel (Justice Smith), a.k.a Books, is a rapper in the 90s who is reflecting on his come up in the Bronx, NY. The show is set in his adolescence and starts off with him chasing after a Puerto Rican mami who wants to be a singer, Mylene (Herizen Guardiola). In the process of all that, Ezekiel happens upon Shaolin (Shameik Moore from Dope) who brings him to The Get Down which is an underground hip hop spot. The Get Down is where we are introduced to Grandmaster Flash (Mamoudzou Athie) and the rest of the story develops.

The show just streamed on  August 12th with its first six episodes of the first season, so you’re not far behind. Check it out!


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