Open Your Mind


One of my most favorite things to do is share music with my friends. Find people who have similar and differing interests in music than you. You’d be surprised to what you get put on to. I was not a Jazmine Sullivan fan until I linked up with the people I’ve met in college. Since then, she is blasting in my car daily!  They now know about Lianne La Havas and Hiatus Kaiyote. It opens you up more and allows you to explore different genres when vibing with other people. Stop being so close-minded with what you listen to. If you use Spotify or Apple Music, listen to the related artists under whoever you’re listening to. You’d be surprised at how many musicians you’ll fall in love with that you never knew about. I challenge you to listen to a genre that you think you absolutely hate. I was never a big country music fan but Carrie Underwood’s “Cowboy Casanova” is my JAM! It just takes a bit of digging and you’ll find the right one. Give it a chance.


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