UPDATE: So, as an artist, you tend to go through many changes. Switching up your look, style, persona. It all goes under reconstruction constantly. You all remember Stanley Rimpson Jr.? Well he is back but as SO! Still edgy and just as passionate as ever, SO! Is his music. Be on the lookout for his EP “Loner” which will be dropping September 9th.


Artist Bio:

SO! is an astonishingly gifted artist whose music bridges the gaps between the melodies of rap and the groove of RnB

A true lone wolf, SO! refuses to play by anyone’s rule, preferring to make his own, like a true outcast. One of the most striking feature of his music is that both his artist persona and material read like bold statements showcasing his vision. While his music is direct and as stone-cold as the artist himself, SO! is also able to let his sound speak to the core of the listener. A proud straight-edge individual whose sole addiction is his love for music, SO! has chosen to travel the less traveled road and make true sonic art with a diverse and special approach that truly underlines his outcast character and freedom-infused vision.


Also follow his new Twitter

and peep his music on www.SO!



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