Brae Leni


Currently listening to Brae Leni’s “Choreophilia” video on YouTube. I am realizing that there are so many artists out here that are killing the game! This song has such a neo-soul vibe to it, totally makes you want to dance and sing along. His voice is very warm and inviting so it goes with the music well. The video is so fun and light, with people dancing and singing and just vibing with each other, showing the fun aspects of love. I’m also really feeling his music on soundcloud. The songs ‘Too Many Women’ and ‘Heedless’ are two of my favorites! Both are very mellow and easy on the ears, and they both show the versatility of the artist. Based off of his vocals and main sound of his music, you can tell this guy has an old soul.He even has a Temptations cover on his soundcloud. I also noticed that a previous K-List featured artist,Stanley Rimpson Jr. , who is one of my absolute favorites, is on some on Brae Leni’s music. Small world! So glad to know these artists are all on the come up together. Peep the Q & A with Brae Leni Below.



Q-How long have you been doing music? How did you start out?


A-I have been singing ever since 5 years of age, so 2 decades in November! I realized it was my calling and passion during my 1 semester of college at Arkansas State University, and I’ve been even more devoted to music ever since.


Q- If you could describe your journey so far, how would you?


A-It has been bittersweet, I wouldn’t trade the failures for anything. I keep learning, growing, and getting better. I love the direction I’m heading in, #SoulMusicStillExist I believe as long as I keep God first and stay focused my dreams will come true. #GodSpeed


Q-Any major influences ? Where do you get your ideas from?


A-This is a tough & fun question, but I’ll say Michael Jackson, Kanye West, D’angelo, Musiq Soulchild, and all the MOTOWN greats have inspired my sound and approach to music. However, I do believe you can learn from and should appreciate all music.


Q-Describe your sound?


A-I’m a balladeer, so I’ll write a bunch of love songs… or songs that appeal to women. I think my sound would be a fuse between Marvin Gaye & John Legend, just a soulful & unique vibe you can’t hear anywhere else.


Q-Where do you see your music going?Who do you want it to reach?


A-I want my music to reach everyone. I don’t care if it’s kids, adults, blacks, whites, North Pole, or South Pole. I do this for everyone. I think I will snag a few Grammies, and go on a world tour once or twice. Pray for me!


Q-Any upcoming projects, things for people to look out for?


A-I’ll be teaming up with Japanese Producers/Sound Engineers Waq Takahashi & Yuki T-Groove Takahashi to conjure up a 5 song EP. The release date is TBD. Until then I’m promoting my new music video and single, Choreophilia produced by Lauren Noélle.


Check out his music on



and check out the Choreophilia video on Youtube!


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