01 Album - Front-InstagramSize.pngI will be so honest, when I first started to listening to this group I thought I was inside of a video game. The beats don’t reach me the way they are supposed to in the beginning of the album. They remind me too much of ‘Posed to Be’ and that song didn’t even work for R&B legends. However, the actual rapping talent of these guys’ is on point. The songs have the catchy, radio appeal that is popular now, and they are different because they are a male group. I could so see them being a commercial group and going far. I just hope they stray away from the beats on this album because they are talented and it may become a limitation later. “Zone” is probably the best. It has a very ear-friendly beat to it and it sounds like something that would play at a party after a Future song. Give them a chance. Like, I said, I’m not a fan of the beats they are using BUT the talent is all the way there. I think if they get away from the commercial sound, make their music  a bit edgier to compliment the swag they have in their photo and their flows, then I would be 100% sold.

Check them out on :



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