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This album has me so in my trappin vibe. It has everything to make you want to replay it over and over. Live beats, fire flows, and catchy lyrics. It totally brings me back to like 2005 when rap was raw and real. Which is actually refreshing because rap now all sounds the same, so it’s nice to hear something different. It has a grown man feel. “Money Machine” is my absolute favorite. It gets me all the way lit (LOL). I so want to be sipping on a Mad Dog at a party, just vibing. Ya’ll just don’t understand, when a song makes me dance, because I so can’t, that means it HITS! It is so catchy! I also love the references to NoLa in the music. Artist that are about the life they rap have a different sound, and you can totally hear it throughout the album. Slick Dubble has become one of my favorites after this album and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Ya’ll can check out the album on:



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