The Space Tape


I was in love at the introduction. “Welcome to the Space Tape”. Ya’ll I LOVE musicians being musicians. The fact that this whole album is done with NO SAMPLES is so awesome. So original. So Fresh (And so clean clean LOL). The producer, Cordell Riddick is who sent in the submission and it is FIRE!

The flow of the rapper, D.O.$ goes nicely over the instrumental. This is album has a rawness to it that separates it from the rest. Out of all the mixtapes I’ve been sent, this has to be my favorite so far. The production of it even sounds clean. The album flows together nicely, all with an outer space undertone that binds it together. Also, to say it is a Hip-Hop album, the music behind it is played with which I appreciate. That shows the artistic ability that the artist has. Musicianship. The use of trumpets, 8O8’s, the spacey piano used, it all contributes to how well each song transitions to the next. Each song has a beat that is unique to it. They all have the same vibe, but they aren’t the same. Which is very important because I’ve heard too many albums that sound like I’m listening to the same song with different lyrics.

Ayanna Monae’s voice compliments the song ‘Moonlight’ well. The album has a very chill vibe to it, so because her voice isn’t to hard on the ears, her warm tones are inviting.  I also really like the song ‘Doomsday’. Reminds me of A$AP Rocky’s “Long.Live.A$AP” album. D.O.$, out of all the reviews I’ve done, has had the best timing with his rapping. With complex beats, you can tell he vibes well and enjoys the music. You can also tell that Cordell Riddick, the producer, and D.O.$ take risks with their music, which It is all about. The song “Real People” has such an awesome message. I love when artists use the issues in their communities and address them through their music. Being honest and open is all apart of being a musician, and when that is shown, it earns great respect.

I can honestly say that this is one of my most favorite albums now. Just because of it’s uniqueness. There isn’t really anyone doing this now. Taking music and making it MUSIC. Making it their own and creating a sound instead of “fitting in”. Very excited to see where all the artists on this album go.

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