Jenova IO


So to all the blogs out there that don’t accept Twitter submissions, you all are missing out on some raw talent. This dude, Jenova IO, is one of those who sent in his music and shocked me. Normally I am a bit skeptical when people say “hey listen to my mixtape”, but the few that I have listened to have been really good. Jenova IO is one of the rappers that tells stories with his lyrics, and we all know that that’s my thing. His album “The Demo” flows vey well song to song, which is hard to come by now. Many people’s albums seem to be all over the place and you can’t really follow where they are going. My favorite so far is Black Dynamite 2, mainly because I personally enjoy short songs. But that’s just me. What did surprise me is that I’ve heard $.O.Y.H at the last party I went to, so that tells you ol’ dude is making moves in Texas. The only thing that throws me off a bit is his timing, which isn’t a bad thing because I am the same way with Bryson Tiller songs, and as you listen to the album it grows on you and so you’re able to catch the vibe. I love ‘Moment 2 Self’ because you can tell he is speaking from the heart. Artist that reflect on their journey, talk of their obstacles, and express their hopeful future through their music seem to be more real and down to earth. Humble. He also reps Texas a bunch so you can tell he is prideful in his roots. Throughout the album you get a sense of respect for Jenova IO. Looking forward to hearing more from him. Peep the Interview below.





Q-Is there anyone who has motivated you to follow your passion in music?

  • My mother more than anyone else. Her and my grandmother. They raised me and gave me love when no one else did. Seeing them struggle to this day makes me work harder to make sure they won’t have to struggle ever again.


Q-Where do you want your music to go? Who do you want it to reach?

  • I want my music to go wherever God allows it to. I want it to touch anyone that has ever felt the way I felt in life or the struggles I’ve been through. I rap about everyday life and hard times. Some more associated with street life. Some with the average person trying to be successful. At the end of the day I speak for myself and the people I grew up around and with. Whether someone likes it or not is up to them. At least I know I speak for the ones who never got to or get to from the cliff.


Q-If you could describe your sound, how would you?

  • I can’t really describe it. It’s very versatile. I could be working on a EDM song , to a Pop, R&B, Rap, lo-fi , there’s no boundaries for me. So I’ll be apart of any kind of music if I’m welcomed. All I know is I’m a person that grew up in Oak Cliff that is at a constant conflict with his mind all the time. And my music reflects that.


Q-As as upcoming artist, what has been the most challenging part about creating? Do you feel you have to follow a trend or are you making your own?

  • As mentioned above, I’m always at a conflict. Following a trend Is something I’ve thought about. The whole Atlanta Trap sound. Sometimes I give up and make that music. Some is just a direct copy of the sound. But most of it , ive Been able to do it in my own way. Make the sound apart of my sound. Rather than just a copy and paste of it. And I think that’s the key. That and balance. You can’t always be on the lyrical, message hip hop. You have to mix in the trap/bump music. We’re all human,and we all have the enormous amount of emotions. And displaying that in my music is part of what makes you a legend. Pac, who is my favorite artist, displayed that the best in music. He’ll give you that “I love you girl” to “she’s a bitch” and “let’s make a change ” to “I’m going to kill y’all niggas.” I could go on an on but for the sake of the length of this interview , I think you get the jist of what I’m saying. [haha]


Q-Any upcoming projects? Things people can look for in the near future?

  • For sure. I have about 4-5 projects worth of music written. Alot of sounds that I’m trying to perfect and show anyone who’ll listen to some real rap shit. I might announce a mixtape here soon but, time will tell. For now stay on the lookout out for the new Outsider (Me, Shamman Hippy, Raheem, Kavvi) music. That’s been what we’ve been working on a lot for a few months.



There you have it ya’ll. Don’t forget to show your support him on SoundCloud and follow him on  Twitter .


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