Stanley Rimpson Jr.


Very few artists now master the art of uniqueness. With a sound that goes against the grain of this generation, Stanley Rimpson Jr. delivers music unlike any other. I normally give you all a reference of what the artist sound like, but this one was really hard. I guess he would be our generation’s equivalent to Lenny Kravitz. His song ‘Politics’ acknowledges all of our inner contemplations of the world around us. With a soulful organ and backgrounds, he brings us back to a 60’s feels. At first glance, you would not expect the artist to match the sound. I gave him an Anthony Hamilton vibe, but was nicely surprised by the outcome. With talent, style, and looks, Mr. Rimpson is sure to be a household name very soon. Of course I got a few interview questions out of him. Check out his responses below.



Q-How long have you been doing music? How did you start out?

A- I’ve been doing music since I was 16 yrs. old. I started playing guitar at church, and for local gospel groups. In the last 2 years I’ve just got into producing, and now branching out as an artist

Q- If you could describe your journey so far, how would you?

A- My journey so far I would say has been a battle. It’s not easy in this industry. Being a new indie artist, trying to be heard can be rough. Not to mention you wear many hats other than being just an artist. I wouldn’t trade it for anything though.

Q-Any major influences ? Where do you get your ideas from?

A- Wow! I could talk influences all day. I have so many influences. Jimi Hendrix is a huge inspiration. The Beatles, B.B. King, Prince, D’angelo, Lenny Kravitz, Miguel, and many more. I mostly get my ideas from real life experiences. I try to take the experience and put a soundtrack to it. I like my music to be real and relatable. If it’s not, then I feel like I haven’t done my job as a musician.

Q- Describe your sound?

A-My sound varies, as mentioned before, I have so many influences and I draw from them. One day I could have a Beatles inspired song, and the next I could have something with a new school sound. I mainly like to sing and play over smooth, and wavy synth pads, with soft or hard sounding drums, it all depends on how I’m feeling. I guess you can classify me as experimental.


Q-Where do you see your music going?Who do you want it to reach?

A- I see my music inspiring people. I vision it as a movement because it’s real. I want it to be a connection between whoever listens and I. I don’t want people to just see me as an artist; I want them to see me as a human with a gift.


Q- Any upcoming projects, things for people to look out for?

A-Yes! My debut single Politics will be available July 11th on iTunes and Tidal. You can pre-order it June 1st. Also I’m currently working on another single entitled “Insomnia,” which is a dark R&B kind of sound. After that I’ll soon begin working on my debut EP.


Guys, I can honestly say out of all the newer artists I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing, he has been the sweetest. I’m all about kindness from musicians because talent is rare, but finding artists who are humble is even rarer. Check this guy out. Support him. He’s one of the few good ones.

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