Don’t Play


Tray Samuels. Denton, Texas based. Artist. Producer. Singer. Rapper.  Now one of my favorites on SoundCloud. This guy is an example of the evolution of music gone right! I have been non stop listening to his music since he sent me the link. You all just don’t understand, but you will once you listen to him. With a flow that resembles Kendrick with a bit of Cole, sound like Chance, it is so easy to fall in love with Tray Samuels’ music. So you all know lately I’ve been writing reviews while I listen to the artist, well this one is a bit difficult to do because I just want to vibe. Right now I’m listening to ‘Dance On Em’ which is the perfect pre-game, get buck song. Next was ‘Don’t Play’ which so far is my absolute favorite. It is simple and straight to the point, but because of his beats, the whole time I’m just vibing. I could totally see him becoming the next star out of Dallas. I do have a spin on this review though, I had Tray Samuels answer some questions about himself and his music so you all could get to know him better, and hopefully, connect better to his music.


Q- Who are some of your major influences?

  • I can honestly say I watch a lot of artist moves on and off the field. Kanye, Drake, and 40 inspire me the most. Kanye especially since he’s a self produce artist. You really can’t say no to a finished record unless you mix his mix, and that’s where Drake and 40 come in. They showed me that we’re in the day where you can have a finished record all in the box.

Q-Is there a process you go through while writing/creating?

  • Normally my process is living life and eventually things, bad and good, happen to me that make me want to write a song. I can make beats all day everyday, but I never like to force songs like that. I “move in the spirit”, as my friends say [lol].

Q-What is the purpose of your music? Is there a vibe or emotion you want people to feel while listening to you?

  • I want my music to reach as many people who love music. To reach MJ fan base. Everybody doesn’t have to like it but at least everybody has heard it.

Whatever I’m going through I put it in the song and I hope that when they go through it, it helps, whether it’s love or life issues.

Q-What is next for you? Any upcoming projects or anything people can look forward to?

  • I’m currently working on new project and working on others projects. I just received an email from one of Dallas’ biggest artist saying they like my ideals and for me to send more. So who knows where that’ll go.


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