Sea Bass


So I’ve always been very inviting of people sending in music because you never know, you might end up rocking with them you know? This is one of those cases. I’m such a fan of trap music when it is done right. Sea Bass did this all the way right. I feel like I need to be doing 90 on the interstate passing some loud with the crew, just reckless. Not only is the hook catchy as hell, you can so vibe to the beat. Usually all trap music sounds the same but SeaBass has a unique sound, not too hard but with enough edge to deliver. With an easy on the ears flow, their song ‘So High’ makes you feel just that, so high off the music. I also love that it isn’t all over the place like so many rappers tend to be now, and  it doesn’t have too much going on with the beat in the background. So next time you feel like vibing, check out Sea Bass on SoundCloud . Also be looking out for the video for ‘ So High’  May 15th! 

Twitter: @SeaBass469


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