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What to expect this summer from the K-List:

  • More postings about your favorite artists
  • More postings about artists that are not mainstream
  • Fan Feedback: I want you all to comment/email your music, artists you want to see featured on the K-List, feelings towards posted music
  • The-Klist Vlog: learning more about me, the blog, video reviews, fan interaction.
  • Fan Comment Section: Comments posted on the K-List will have their own section of the blog where I will post comments sent in. We are building a brand TOGETHER your input matters.
  • Playlist Building: Weekly I will post an event, something we all do that music plays a part of, and ask you all what music you all listen to while doing those actions. From there we will create the perfect ______ playlist.


One thing that is very important to me is you guys’ input. The K-List is my blog, yes, but it is your playlist. You all determine the direction this goes. We are building a brand together, so, comment, share, email, interact with me. I can’t post music that you may be interested in if I don’t know you. This is my blog but OUR playlist. I’m just the messenger. Also, this blog is not limited to a specific genre, all are welcomed.


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