HIGHLY anticipated #Lemonade premiered on HBO for a one night only special. Beyonce gave ALL the visuals! Alluding to all of the recent “drama” that is plaguing she and Jay-Z’s marriage, Beyonce, and all though it was a good idea to assume they were divorcing, that was not the point. The point of Lemonade was to show that even though life deals women the unfair, one-sided, double-standards, also known as Lemons, you still can make Lemonade. She speaks of infidelity ( Call Becky with the good hair) , miscarriages( Mother of your children, alive and dead), sexuality, and loving yourself ( Imma keep running, cause a winner don’t quit on themselves). Beyonce even gives a platform for the mothers of those like Trayvon Martin to show their sons pictures, forcing the world to look at the faces of racism and police brutality. Lemonade serves so many looks it gets a bit distracting because she SLAYS! Having her dancers have big, natural hair, featuring models with vitiligo, having versatility in the perception of a beautiful black woman. Yall don’t realize how difficult it is to summarize the amount of amazing she did in an hour. She truly has outdone herself. My favorite song so far, along with the section of the special, is when she is riding on the horse talking about the protection of her dad. We always hear and sympathize with those who do not have relationships with their fathers, but there are those of us who do have that influence in our lives and it was awesome to see that admiration.  Beyonce shows off some of her piano talents in the song that delivers all the feels. Having Jay-Z just hanging out and enjoying eachother, even though the song is about how “every promise doesn’t work out that way”. Beyonce even alludes to her faith when she has a woman talk about Jesus and how when everything goes wrong, CALL HIM! Towards the end, she speaks of Freedom which is the overall motif of the special. So, the jist. Feminism. There you go. Oh and here are a few of those visuals that I spoke of. Also, the album is available on Tidal.



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