When Doves Cry


This is one of the saddest days in music. Icon Prince, His Purple Badness, has been pronounced dead at 57. We all know him from the 1984 classic ‘Purple Rain’, his hits such as; Kiss, Adore, Little Red Corvette, When Doves Cry, and many others that stamped his legacy in the history books. Prince has always been one to amaze us. With his sensual runs, unique outfits, and eccentric talents, he set the bar for a musician. It was reported sometime last week that he was struggling with the flu and was rushed to a hospital in Illinois. From there it was reported that he was doing well, but today took an unfortunate turn for the singer’s health. Prince will forever be known as a music legend who used his music to empower and uplift those of generations. I remember on my family’s car rides home to New Orleans, we would faithfully play Prince and he would set the tone of our 7 hour adventure. I guess now I will whip out the Prince jams for his going home. Gone but never forgotten. Truly crushed.


-This is what it it sounds like, when doves cry-



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