Month: April 2016

Alina Baraz

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So what I tend to do to find artist to tell you guys about is listen to related artist on Spotify. That is one of the best ways to find artist that you would never think to listen to. Today I was under the related artist under    Marian Hill . I happened to stumble upon Alina Baraz who has a similar sound but is more electronic. I love music that makes me want to drive. Just ride around, vibe, and embrace the beauty of nature’s creations. Alina Baraz does just that. There is a peace that comes over while listening to the Ohio native. Her voice is very comforting and accompanies the electro beats of her partner Matias Saabye Køedt very well. Not all of the music is mellow though. ‘Fantasy-Felix Jaehn Remix’ totally makes you want to jump around in those awkward dance moves only you and your dog know about. Next time you happen to be driving around, enjoying the summertime weather, play Alina Baraz on Spotify.



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What to expect this summer from the K-List:

  • More postings about your favorite artists
  • More postings about artists that are not mainstream
  • Fan Feedback: I want you all to comment/email your music, artists you want to see featured on the K-List, feelings towards posted music
  • The-Klist Vlog: learning more about me, the blog, video reviews, fan interaction.
  • Fan Comment Section: Comments posted on the K-List will have their own section of the blog where I will post comments sent in. We are building a brand TOGETHER your input matters.
  • Playlist Building: Weekly I will post an event, something we all do that music plays a part of, and ask you all what music you all listen to while doing those actions. From there we will create the perfect ______ playlist.


One thing that is very important to me is you guys’ input. The K-List is my blog, yes, but it is your playlist. You all determine the direction this goes. We are building a brand together, so, comment, share, email, interact with me. I can’t post music that you may be interested in if I don’t know you. This is my blog but OUR playlist. I’m just the messenger. Also, this blog is not limited to a specific genre, all are welcomed.


Working out is one of the most detailed things to do. You have to focus on form, speed, stamina, and all these other minor things that will eventually affect your overall progress. So what do you listen to that helps you focus in? Are you more relaxed and listen to music like John Mayer , or are you more of a hype-man that busts out the Run DMC jams ? Or are you like me, who listens to Yoncé and Janet Jackson channeling your inner girl power? A lot to think about, right? So to change it up a bit, I want to know what all you listen to. Send in songs that motivate you to crawl out of bed and hit the gym. Be specific . Tell me if it is different between cardio and lifting. If different music helps with certain workouts. Let’s build the perfect workout playlist . 



HIGHLY anticipated #Lemonade premiered on HBO for a one night only special. Beyonce gave ALL the visuals! Alluding to all of the recent “drama” that is plaguing she and Jay-Z’s marriage, Beyonce, and all though it was a good idea to assume they were divorcing, that was not the point. The point of Lemonade was to show that even though life deals women the unfair, one-sided, double-standards, also known as Lemons, you still can make Lemonade. She speaks of infidelity ( Call Becky with the good hair) , miscarriages( Mother of your children, alive and dead), sexuality, and loving yourself ( Imma keep running, cause a winner don’t quit on themselves). Beyonce even gives a platform for the mothers of those like Trayvon Martin to show their sons pictures, forcing the world to look at the faces of racism and police brutality. Lemonade serves so many looks it gets a bit distracting because she SLAYS! Having her dancers have big, natural hair, featuring models with vitiligo, having versatility in the perception of a beautiful black woman. Yall don’t realize how difficult it is to summarize the amount of amazing she did in an hour. She truly has outdone herself. My favorite song so far, along with the section of the special, is when she is riding on the horse talking about the protection of her dad. We always hear and sympathize with those who do not have relationships with their fathers, but there are those of us who do have that influence in our lives and it was awesome to see that admiration.  Beyonce shows off some of her piano talents in the song that delivers all the feels. Having Jay-Z just hanging out and enjoying eachother, even though the song is about how “every promise doesn’t work out that way”. Beyonce even alludes to her faith when she has a woman talk about Jesus and how when everything goes wrong, CALL HIM! Towards the end, she speaks of Freedom which is the overall motif of the special. So, the jist. Feminism. There you go. Oh and here are a few of those visuals that I spoke of. Also, the album is available on Tidal.