Season 3 -T.L.O.P

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 9.21.08 PM.png

Currently watching Kanye West Live Stream T.L.O.P! It is actually pretty good. He even dedicates a video game to his mother and it is of her riding into the gates of heaven. Many, along with myself, feel like that was around the time Kanye lost the true essence of Kanye. The Jesus Walks, Kanye. So it is great seeing him trying to find himself again through his music, his new family, and even still, through his mother. Of course fashion is all through-out this live stream. From Yeezys to his Season 3 clothing line. He announced that he would be lowering prices so that things will be more available for us regular people. Now I did tune in a bit late so I can’t say what is my favorite, but there is a song with a monologue of a woman preaching about love which was pretty cool. “I think me and Ray J would be friends if we weren’t in love with the same bitch” is one of his many head turning lyrics along with “Blac Chyna fuckin Rob help him with the weight”. The beats to his new music are pretty savage. They all have an 8O8’s and Heartbreak feel to them. All pretty techno with heavy bass-lines , so today’s club vibe. He does end things with saying he’s going to spend time with Kim and Nori with special shout outs to Adidas and other Artists. I’m excited to see this new-old Kanye. He seems humble. It’s refreshing.


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