King Keiith

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 9.34.09 PM.png

King Keiith is an artist that contacted me on Twitter about my blog. At first I was hesitant because everyone knows the stigma associated with Twitter “rappers”. Everyone has a mix tap now-a-days so it is hard to tell which link is worth the click or now, but this one was totally worth it. As I searched and surfed through his Sound Cloud, I asked my boyfriend and his roommate who he sounded like because it was slightly familiar in tone and flow. We come to the conclusion that he was a fusion of Logic and Kendrick. Clearly all complements. The beat to his song “Cause, Its Thursday” caught my attention the most. It’s simple but complements his flow very well. Personally I think King can go far, his voice has radio appeal and that story teller vibe that seems to be coming back around. So it’s not a bad idea to give those artist a chance that slide in your DM’s, you may find someone you might actually like, like King Keiith .


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