Okay so I’m currently at the gym, just finished my workout for the day, and I thought I’d share this awesome app with you guys. It’s called Pacemaker and it mixes your music from iTunes ,or even music apps like Spotify, to create the perfect playlist for your workout! So on my Spotify I have a set called “Rec Sports” which is my playlist specifically for the gym. I go into Pacemaker and select the playlist from Spotify and it pulls up all the songs in that set. I have “California” by Colonol Loud , “Put Your Hands Where My Eveys Can See” by Busta Rhymes, “Blow” by Beyoncé , and many other uptempo songs to keep me pumped. From there , PaceMaker mixes the music so that they blend and change into eachother, creating the perfect flow to keep you motivated! It’s like having your own personal DJ ! It is also compatible  for Apple Watch which I control it from normally. Pacemaker is FREE , so give it a try next time you’re hitting the gym! 


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