Jordan Rakei

So the way I found Jordan Rakei is a bit coincidental. Back in the day when your girl was singing and trying to be on the come up on YouTube, I did a cover/mashup of James Blake’s “Retrograde” and Kimbra’s “Settle Down”. Well after I posted the video, about two weeks later, my dad is playing Jordan Rakei’s cover of the same two songs!  Of course I fell in LOVE! Not only does he have an amazing taste in music because he also sampled D’Angelo’s “Lady” while covering “Blackbird” Fat Freddy’s Drop, he is a very talented musician. He really caught my attention with his song “A Tribe Called Government”. Not only is it an amazing song, all of his music just grooves so heavy. The vibe is all the way there, bass lines heavy, pianos going, its just the type of vibe you sit back and well….vibe to. If you have a chance check out his new song “The Light”, released December 11th , and many others on Spotify!Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 10.19.12 PM


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