Month: December 2015

More Active

I’ve been thinking about this for some time now and I think that i’m going to add a youtube segment to my blog. Just to make it more active and have more content for you guys. Also , i’ll keep doing a once a week review over an artist but through out the week i’ll post the music i listen to just to how that I’m in this with you guys. So , stay tuned ! Lots of changes coming !


Mark Ronson

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So I’m going to do this review a bit different from my previous ones. No background. Just pure commentary.

…. THIS ALBUM IS AMAZING! So of course ‘Uptown Funk’ is what brought me to the album but in al honesty, it is not even the best song.  Well before I get into the actual songs, I guess I’ll focus on the theme. Mark Ronson takes you back to the great sound of Funk. With hard bass lines, catchy guitar solos, and harmonica features from Stevie Wonder, he brings together all of the elements for a successful soundscape. There is the reoccurring motif of “9 exits north of Las Vegas” (I still haven’t found out where that is) that creates the message of getting away and escaping.

Now to the music. The song “Heavy and Rolling”, featuring Andrew Wyatt, plays right into the get away theme as he speaks on “[finding] a place to soothe [his] weary soul”. The motif “9 exits north of Las Vegas” is played throughout the album through songs called ‘Uptown’s First Finale’, ‘Crack in The Pearl’, and ‘crack in the Pearl, Pt. II ‘that all feature Stevie Wonder. To be very honest, Crack in the Pear and Pt. II are my favorites *hint hint* I also really enjoy ‘Daffodils’ because of how easy it is on the ears but makes you nod your head to the beat. The only song that I’m not too fond of is ‘I Can’t Lose” which features Keyone Starr, it is kind of repetitive and at first it pulls you in but loses its drive. I was also really excited to hear Mystikal (N.O shout out!) on ‘Feel Right’, reminds me of an angrier James Brown.

Any who, if you get the chance, preferable on a long drive (I have found that’s when I really enjoy this album hints the need to get away), check it out on Spotify!