So as i sit writing my History paper over Shay’s Rebellion, i must admit i got pretty drained. You know, when your fingers can’t press the right keys, your mind begins to wander to what food is down in the cafeteria , or even how you can summarize this essay and still manage a B . Well anyway, I switch over to Spotify for some relief from my #CollegeLifeProbs and to my surprise Willis Earl Beal has a new album. So , this will be a pretty regular post because i never follow an artists albums , just because i enjoy “finding” music. This new album titled “Noctunes” has a more melancholy feel compared to his first album “Nobody Knows ” released n 2013. It is easy to tell that Beal is in a different place in his music and is even experimenting more with his voice and the music accompanying him. Also , i will warn you , the songs range more in length , the third song “Lust” is 6:47 but is worth each second. So when you get that chance , check out Willis Earl Beal “Noctunes” on Spotify. Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 6.35.09 PM


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