Andy Allo

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Andy Allo, a Camaroonian-born singer, songwriter, model, and actress has made it to the K-List! As I come back with more music than EVER ( I guess you all thought I went M.I.A without expectation to rejuvenate your summer with music? ) , this one starts off the come back! With her first released album in 2009 titled UnFresh featuring Blu, Andy Allo graced the music seen while also blessing your TV screens ,landing a role on the Game . From there she transformed her musical identity going from soft Pop to this song People Please with a more soulful edge in 2011 while working with none other than Prince! If she’s good enough to play along side a LEGEND!, she’s good enough to play through your speakers! So check out andyallo-mpc on Spotify , YouTube , or Google Play!


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