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Ratchet Song of the Week! Gets me so live LOL! You know those songs that bring out your inner hoodrat/ stripper? This is it! Texas born and raised Tyshon Dewayne “T-Wayne”! At the age of 10 T-wayne started writing/recording music with the help of his older brother. He is now 19 years old and has mastered engineering and producing.T-wayne is known for his promoting abilities that lead to songs getting hot in the streets and teen clubs. He is now a teen celebrity in the city of Dallas from a few of his hit records that have the highschool crowds going crazy. He managed to be discovered by Jamarcus Hardy also known as Baybayjr and Cornelius Brock whom is over the management company known as “Polarhitz”. With his first single known as “Boogie on da flo” he began peforming for free at show cases through any circumstance. Heavely promoting this song wich now has over 200,000 views on youtube and over 220,000 plays on myspace and ringtone has over 3000 downloads. He has also been featured on many mixtapes throughout the dfw and other featuring cities. T-wayne also has several mixtapes on datpiff.com he is known as the young freestyle magician due to his lyrical content on mixtapes. T-wayne has a fanbase throughout the dfw and myspace and youtube. And eversince the songs “Boogie on da flo” and his single “Work it like a Pro” “Swagg Worth A Mill” and many other of his songs took off he has been having 3 shows a week.
T-wayne has the awesome abilty to create music and has worked with many artist in the dfw. ( bio)

Check him out on Spotify , YouTube , or Google Play !


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