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So before i get into my rant about just how amazing the movie Dope is, i will say before anyone asks, YES i am a music blogger! I know this may be a bit confusing because @Dope is a movie, but when the movie uses music to deliver such a strong message as portrayed in the movie, the of course I’m going to tell you guys just how dope, Dope is!
Without spoiling the movie for those who haven’t seen it , and i do advise you see it with parents/your children especially if you are an adolescent , this movie speaks so many volumes on what not only black teens in the rougher areas, but just teens in general go through in trying to find their own. focusing on being in the wrong place at the wrong time and how that can form a “slippery slope”of events that lead teens , and people in general , to do things that they never thought they would to regain the life they had. shameikmoore as the main character , Malcolm, also challenges everyones ideals of the stereotypical “hood figure” . He and his friends prove that not everyone in the hood is bound to stay in the hood (because not everyone in the hood is a hood rat , just a sidetone) .

I’m guessing you guys want a little background on the characters and how they fit in my blog, right? Shamiek Moore is no stranger to music. He began uploading videos of him singing and dancing on Youtube and later his own blog named “MeaksWorld”. From there he dropped his own mixtape titled “I am da Beat” and appeared on Nick Cannons “Incredible Crew”. kierseyclemons is also already known as an actress from her start on Austin & Ally and Disney’s Cloud 9. She also is a very talented musician , which you find out in the movie as she sings in the trios band. She works with pharrellwilliams who is also an executive producer for the film along side Sean “Diddy” Combs. The movie also has many cameos from todays influential artists including tygaworld and asap-rcky as Dom. You even see Stacy from The Wood, who is HILARIOUS as always, and even a cameo from the prom scene if you catch that!
Now to the soundtrack.

So i already informed you guys about they main trios band in the movie where Kiersey sings and plays drums and Shamiek plays guitar, but there is so much more to the music of this movie. With classics from Hip Hop Hurray to Juice by Erik B And Rakim, there is a little for everyone. It also shows how 90’s influence is still strong in the 90’s babies generation.
If you haven’t seen this movie yet, you need to buy your ticket NOW! Right now. Not tomorrow. Today. Because if you’re one of those who is waiting for it to be on Netflix or Demand, you will be missing out.


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