Month: September 2015

James Blake

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So if you’ve seen the movie #TheGabriellaDouglasStory then you know this song as the background music when Gabi is truly molding herself into a gymnast . Little do you know that catchy mellow song in the back is #JamesBlake singing #Retrograde. A song with smooth hum rifts and synthesizers blaring , James Blake truly sticks a landing on the #KList with this one. Check it out!


Lion Babe

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Next on the #KList is #LionBabe . This duo is new to the music world releasing #TreatMeLikeFire earlier this year. Very Neo-soul , reminds me of Erykah Badu! They also just released a song called #JumpHi with #ChildishGambino. Check them out !!!


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Quick story on how I fell in love with this song and the artist Fun. . So I was driving , am having the WORST of mornings. My puppy was not cooperating, it was raining, and I managed to be stopped at every red light possible. So of course I’m frustrated to the fullest but then the light rock , smooth balladic voice of Nate Ruess took over my car. Since then I’ve been HOOKED! Fun has released 2 albums Aim and Ignite in 2009 and Some Nights in 2012. This New York based band has earned a spot on The KList! Check them out using Spotify!


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With her bug natural hair , freckles , and laid back music, SZA has become a Klist Favorite! The St. Louis / New Jersey singer had taken the music industry by storm releasing her first EP in 2012 and recently releasing her third in April of this year. What many don’t know is that SZA originally was planning on becoming a Marine biologist🐠, we are glad she had a change in tide 😂 check her out on Spotify!

Willis Earl Beal

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If you find yourself alone and need music that has the same pain yet will somehow make you feel like the ultimate bad-ass then I suggest gearing up the aux-chord and blasting WillisEarlBeal! This Chicago earth-born singer will truly take you back to the days of Sam Cooke and Otis Redding with a down south grungy attitude. Claiming his name to fame by hand drawn flyers originally to attract a girlfriend, Willis Earl knows pain and progress. So forget valentine and unwind with Spotify ! CHECK him Out!


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Kimbra, is a New Zealand recording artist based in Los Angeles. Combining R&B , Jazz, electropop and soul, she has made her way to the KList. Her premiere album “Vows” released in 2011 won her a Grammy making her the third New Zealand to win the honor. Releasing “The Golden Echo” in August of 2014, Kimbra has made her presence known in the music industry. Look for her on Spotify , Youtube , or Google Music!

Andy Allo

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Andy Allo, a Camaroonian-born singer, songwriter, model, and actress has made it to the K-List! As I come back with more music than EVER ( I guess you all thought I went M.I.A without expectation to rejuvenate your summer with music? ) , this one starts off the come back! With her first released album in 2009 titled UnFresh featuring Blu, Andy Allo graced the music seen while also blessing your TV screens ,landing a role on the Game . From there she transformed her musical identity going from soft Pop to this song People Please with a more soulful edge in 2011 while working with none other than Prince! If she’s good enough to play along side a LEGEND!, she’s good enough to play through your speakers! So check out andyallo-mpc on Spotify , YouTube , or Google Play!